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Mordecai Boggs

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Synopsis for "Lift-Off!"

Ant-Man and the Wasp provide Captain Marvel with an important clue in tracking down the Lunatic Legion that has been hounding him and Rick. It turns out the Living Laser cyborg was powered by a crystal processed from rock found only on the Blue Area of the Moon. Mar-Vell wants to head to the Moon immediately to investigate, but Rick convinces him to at least let him clear an absence with his manager and singing partner first. Rick goes to promise Boggs that he'll be back by Thursday, but before he leaves, Dandy offers him a pill of "Vitamin C" in case things "get boring". Rick is dubious of the pill, but holds onto it. After stopping by Avengers Mansion to get Rick a space suit based on Iron Man's armor, Captain Marvel begins a ten-hour flight to the Moon.

Not long after leaving Earth's atmosphere, Captain Marvel is attacked by another agent of the Lunatic Legion, calling himself Nimrod, the Hunter. Mar-Vell makes short work of the attacker, identifying him as a robot and breaking him into pieces before continuing on. In the Negative Zone, Rick is attacked by Annihilus again, but one instinctive punch assisted by his space armor shatters Annihilus into countless tiny Annihili that fly off swearing vengeance. Rick figures because Annihilus is like an insect it makes sense that he would actually be a colony of small bugs disguised as a larger one.

Getting bored with the trip, Rick shrugs and pops the pill Dandy gave him and begins to hallucinate. Due to his mind gradually merging with his alter-ego, Mar-Vell starts to feel adverse effects as well just as he's arriving at the Watcher's base on the Moon. When Uatu shows up, he's uncharacteristically active and attacks Captain Marvel, whose dulled reflexes and warped vision leave him helpless. The Watcher is desperate, finding himself in a spiral of outrageous acts to cover up earlier ones, and now feels like he has no choice but to turn Captain Marvel over to the Lunatic Legion.


  • The reveal of Annihilus as a colony of smaller Annihilus-like bugs is later revealed to be a ruse by the real Annihilus, who is depicted as a whole individual in all other appearances. While the incident occurs before Rick Jones takes a psychedelic drug, it is possibly after in the case of Englehart and Milgrom.
  • Plot by Englehart and Milgrom, script by Englehart.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Peter B. Gillis and Richard Gresh.
  • This cover image has been used in marketing, particularly for Mar-Vell's 1977 Slurpee Cup.

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