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The Watcher

Appearing in "-- No Way Out!"

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Synopsis for "-- No Way Out!"

The Lunatic Legion introduce themselves to the captive Mar-Vell, though in his delirious state he's barely aware of them. They are a group of blue-skinned Kree opposed to their race's intermixing with other species that produced the pink-skinned offshoot and to the Supreme Intelligence that fostered Kree culture away from their conservative ideals. They want to execute Mar-Vell, distrusting him as a pink Kree with mutated powers stationed near their Blue Area outpost. Before that happens, Mar-Vell recovers from Rick's drug-induced trip finding that the mind-expanding effects of the drug have combined with his Cosmic Awareness to make him even more fluid and alert. On top of that, Rick's and Mar-Vell's minds have merged more completely, which they find beneficial in doubling their mental power and allowing them to switch seamlessly even without the Nega-Bands. Together as Captain Marvel, they easily defeat the Lunatic Legion.

When the Watcher who had been with the Legion returns, he doesn't attack Captain Marvel again. Feeling remorse, he instead contacts the other Watchers and declares himself unworthy, prompting them to send a teleportation beam to retrieve him. Feeling like they owe something to the Watcher, Rick prods Mar-Vell to follow him into the beam, which instantly transports them across the universe.


  • Plot by Englehart and Milgrom, script by Englehart.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Mark Dooley, Perry Wilson, Brian Jordan, and Timothy L. Talley.

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