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Quote1.png To those who dwell on Earth, the name Captain Marvel is that of a hero! Yet, only I... of all who walk this planet... know the mind-wrenching truth -- That it may one day be my hand which signals the fatal attack upon an unsuspecting sphere... that mine may be the voice which decrees its total destruction! Quote2.png
Captain Marvel

Appearing in "The Alien and the Amphibian!"

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Synopsis for "The Alien and the Amphibian!"

In his hotel room on Earth, Mar-Vell laments over his conflict between his duties as a Kree soldier and his growing concern and care for the humans he may one day have to battle. His reverie is interrupted by Hal, the nephew of Mr. Logan (the owner of the hotel who is currently in a coma). Hal updates Mar-Vell on Mr. Logan's condition, and tells him that the Cape needs him to go to the base as soon as possible.

At the Cape, Carol Danvers expresses her inability to trust "Lawson" and continues to investigate his background, while the launch control prepares to launch deadly bacteria into space to see how it will be effected by cosmic rays. Meanwhile, deep in the ocean, the Sub-Mariner is speeding to New York to seek the aid of Reed Richards for assistance in locating the villain known as Destiny.

When the rocket is forced to crash in the ocean thanks to Yon-Rogg's machinations, the Cape sends out a ship to try and recover the rocket before the deadly bacteria is released and infects people. Mar-Vell joins the ship in his guise of Lawson. When he gets there, Mar-Vell is ordered by Yon-Rogg to prevent the humans from stopping the rocket from releasing the bacteria, as Yon-Rogg is hoping to test the humans' susceptibility to germ warfare.

With the arrival of the Sub-Mariner, Mar-Vell changes into his Kree uniform to battle the Sub-Mariner to prevent him from stopping the rocket from releasing the bacteria as well. The battle is preconceived by those aboard the ship as though the Sub-Mariner is the aggressor and Captain Marvel as the hero trying to stop the bacteria, when ironically it's the other way around. However, Mar-Vell allows the Sub-Mariner to "defeat" him so that Namor can disarm the bacteria. When the rocket explodes, both men are thrown clear from it. Mar-Vell leaves the scene allowing the Sub-Mariner to resume his course.


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