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Synopsis for "Destroy! Destroy!" Screams the Destroyer

The Supreme Intelligence subtly guides Captain Marvel and Drax the Destroyer towards a meeting on a desolate moon. Mar-Vell and Rick Jones arrive first, their spacefaring robot mule having gone haywire due to the Supreme Intelligence's machinations. While Mar-Vell attempts to figure out what's wrong with the mule, Rick flies off to practice with his Nega-Band and sees the girl from the saloon, who beckons him to follow her.

Drax finds Mar-Vell and attacks, blaming him for robbing him of the chance to destroy Thanos. Mar-Vell is unable to reason with the Destroyer and finds him to be an opponent too strong to beat. Having taken the fight up into space, Drax knocks Mar-Vell out against a series of asteroids and hurls him back towards the moon, where he starts to burn up in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Rick finds the girl changed into a more revealing outfit and she introduces herself as Fawn. She seductively convinces Rick to take off his space helmet, which he believes won't be a problem because the Nega-Bands can help him breathe the atmosphere, but he doesn't realize Mar-Vell has been using all the Bands' power, so he begins to suffocate.


  • Plot by Englehart and Milgrom, script by Englehart.

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