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Appearing in "To Begin Anew!"

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  • Life Support Module (LSM, designed by Tony Stark, destroyed by the Super-Adaptoid) (Destroyed)
  • Doctor Minerva's Spaceship

Synopsis for "To Begin Anew!"

The issue starts with Iron Man testing a new life support module (LSM) designed to carry two men to the surface of Jupiter. During this test run the Super-Adaptoid shows up and rips the LSM in half. Dazed Iron Man is then blasted by double repulsor blasts from the Super-Adaptoid. The Adaptoid explains how he escaped from Stark Industries after his last defeat and assumed Iron Man's form. Realizing he is too evenly matched with Iron Man he tosses the wreckage at the crowd and makes his escape to acquire more powers.

At the Texas farmhouse of Ethan and Elizabeth Wilford Mar-Vell tells Mac-Ronn that there is no way to return Ronan to the Kree Homeworld with Mac-Ronn's spacecraft destroyed. With Ronan's mind like that of a newborn baby the Wilford's invite Mac-Ronn and Ronan to stay with them. With that Mar-Vell takes his leave. In outer space aboard a spacecraft Dr Minerva watches Mar-Vell on a viewscreen claiming her journey is almost over and for Mar-Vell to BEWARE! Mar-Vell arrives at the office of Mordecai P Boggs and changes back to Rick Jones.

Rick has a sold out concert to perform with Rachel Dandridge. Afterwards Gerti informs Rick he has a visitor...Edwin Jarvis who happened to watch the show. He invites Rick back to Avengers mansion. At the mansion the Avengers are relaxing and training when the Super-Adaptoid busts through the wall. Battle erupts and the Adaptoid holds his own while assimilating all the Avengers powers. Rick and Jarvis show up and hearing the sounds of battle Rick becomes Mar-Vell to join the fight.

Arriving at the scene Mar-Vell sees the Adaptoid having his way with Cap,Beast,Vision,and Scarlet Witch. Mar-Vell Hits the Adaptoid with a photon blast only to be counter-attacked with a uni-beam in the face effectively blinding him. Realizing the Adaptoid's powers Mar-Vell purposely gets close enough so the Adaptoid can adopt his powers also. The Super-Adaptoid becomes confused by the cosmic awareness and while distracted Mar-Vell clangs the Adaptoid's wrists together sending him to the Negative Zone and freeing Rick Jones !


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Doug Milliken, Larry Lisowski, and Brian Wickersheim.


  • Although Iron Man is shown on the cover battling Super-Adaptoid with the Avengers he actually fights the Super-Adaptoid solo to start the issue. Later the rest of the team with Mar-Vell fight the Super-Adaptoid at Avengers mansion.
  • Beast mentions that he recognizes the Super-Adaptoid from the Avengers' info files, apparently forgetting the he personally fought the android back in X-Men #29.

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