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Synopsis for "Die, Town, Die!"

Teleported to the Kree home world, Mar-Vell is put in a truth chair and put on trial by Ronan the Accuser, over Mar-Vell's recent mission to Earth wherein he destroyed the SOLAM weapon. Mar-Vell manages to convince Ronan that he did so because in letting the Solam creature run rampant on Earth would have put his mission to jeopardy. Ronan accepts this testimony and allows Mar-Vell to return to Earth. However he is sent on a mission to unleash a virus on a human town as a show of his loyalty.

Yon-Rogg attempts to kill Carol Danvers with Kree weapons, however -- as anticipated by Yon-Rogg -- Mar-Vell comes to Carol's rescue, and Yon-Rogg uses the moment to fuel the seeds of jealousy in Una's mind. Mar-Vell agrees to help Carol investigate "Walter Lawson", however he uses the finger prints she gives him to make his match the ones Carol has on file, cementing his cover as Lawson.

When Quasimodo attacks the Cape hoping to collect the computation power generated by the linked computer system Mar-Vell used to defeat Solam, he uses his powers to bring machines to life. Mar-Vell drops his Lawson guise to fight Quasimodo as Captain Marvel. During the fight, Mar-Vell is led to a theme park filled with animatronic machines modeled after humans in the 1890's. When Mar-Vell defeats Quasimodo, he unleashes the virus he was given on the town of animatronic robots, giving the illusion that Mar-Vell had completed his task.

While Yon-Rogg is furious that Mar-Vell "completed" his mission, his attempt to make Una jealous of Carol Danvers, slowly starts to take hold over Una, in spite of her attempts to dismiss the possible attraction between Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Kirk Groeneveld, Frederick McKinney, Jeff Berg, Howie Seligman, Richard Hoong, C.W. Vasquez, Michael Roppo, Steven Graw, and Richard Howell.

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