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Synopsis for "And Fear Shall Follow!"

When a trading vessel piloted by members of the Aakon race, they detect a Kree vessel in proximity to the planet Earth. As age old enemies of the Kree, the Aakon decide to land on the dark side of the moon to avoid detection. However, their effort proves too late and Yon-Rogg orders his men to attack the Aakon, in spite of Mar-Vell's warnings that it wouldn't be a good idea. During the battle on the Moon, Yon-Rogg is injured in combat, and Mar-Vell is forced to kill the Aakon leader in order to save his superior, and both parties flee the scene of the battle. Mar-Vell assumes temporary control of the Kree vessel while Yon-Rogg is injured, however he soon returns to Earth.

On Earth, Mar-Vell decides to investigate the home of the late Walter Lawson to turn up clues about the man's past, partially for Carol Danvers, and partially for his own curiosity. When he finds a secret lab where something big and humanoid is being constructed, Mar-Vell is attacked by members of the Organization, who had commissioned Lawson to build a robot to be their perfect assassin for them. Battling the Organization agents, Mar-Vell chases after them, however they end up crashing their escape vehicle and crash, leaving Mar-Vell with no answers, and the leader of the Organization ordering Mar-Vell's death.

When Mar-Vell reports back to Carol, she kisses him, further fueling the jealousy of Una who watches the interaction from the Kree ship. The robot built by Lawson -- Cyberex -- has tracked Lawson to the site of his death, and continues to track Lawson, based on Mar-Vell's contact with Lawson's dead body (thanks to the fact that as "Lawson" Mar-Vell carries the late scientist's notepad).

When Cyberex attacks "Lawson", Mar-Vell escapes long enough to change into Captain Marvel. Marvel battles Cyberex until he seemingly destroys the robot with his Uni-Beam. However, after everyone clears the area, Cybrex begins its self-repair system.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Charles Smith, Bobby Finkel, George Keitel, Evan, Katten, Marco Annubis, Henry Pagotto, Milton Willis, Bennett Marks, and Danny Kargis.

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