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Synopsis for "Quiet Miracles"

Manny, a young homeless man, pawns one of Rick Jones' nega-bands in a pawn shop on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, Rick wakes up in front of a bank, remembering how Manny robbed him at knifepoint. He breaks down crying and attempts to stab himself with the knife from the fight that's still lying next to him but it turns out to be just a toy. Walking around the block he finds Manny's partner Deb who is in labor. Rick helps Deb deliver the baby but the child is born not breathing. Meanwhile, Manny returns the money he got from the pawn shop, knowing that Deb would not appreciate how he came into possession of it. Rick resuscitates the newborn just as Manny appears to give him back the nega-band.

Rick clinks the bands together to summon Captain Marvel, which attracts two nearby police officers, who escort the new family to a homeless shelter. Captain Marvel flies to the home of Marlo and summons Rick back, who is tearfully embraced by Marlo.


  • Part of the "'Nuff Said" month of books that featured stories told without dialogue.

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