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Quote1.png See, that's what heroes do, Steck. They save people. Triumph over obstacles. Beat the bad guys. As for our family, friends, well...they're always casualties, y'see? Relationships fall apart. Loved ones become targets for bad guys. They should really form a support group for families of superdoers. Kind of like they have for families of alcoholics, y'know? It's not all that different, y'know. Alcoholism and super heroing. You become hooked on something that feels so good when you're doing it. You get this...this buzz. This high. And you want more of it, and more. Pretty soon, it takes over your life, and it defines who you are. And sooner or later, it kills you. There's two kinds of super heroes, Steck. Those who die horribly...and those who haven't died yet. Quote2.png
Rick Jones

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  • Unidentified genetically-created Trolls

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