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Quote1.png I've been working with him, trying to raise his intelligence, to make him more than just a... a mindless destroyer. But how could you understand what it's like to see a man's spirit trapped inside a green, misshapen being... A decent man who didn't deserve to have this monstrous half-life. A tragic brute of a -- Quote2.png

Appearing in "Visit to an Even Smaller Planet"

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Synopsis for "Visit to an Even Smaller Planet"

Marlo keeps having visions of her dead friend who was killed by the Wendigo. Rick Jones knocks out Moondragon with the Nega Bands and puts heavy metal music on to rattle her brain so she cannot use her mind powers. Captain Marvel and Drax wake up on the Microverse world of Jarella with the inhabitants believing that Drax is the Hulk returned to their land and make him King.

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