Quote1.png ...she's no more Jarella's long-lost sister than I am! She's just trying to take advantage of the love and esteem you have for her. Quote2.png
-- Rick Jones

Appearing in "It's a Small Universe After All!"

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Synopsis for "It's a Small Universe After All!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The Small X-Pectations one-shot, which is referenced in this issue as having been released the previous year, is just a joke and never actually existed[1][2]. Therefore, this issue is the only in-story evidence that the X-Men teamed up with the Microns to defeat a resurrected Baron Karza, which is to date, still fully untold. This team-up is also alluded to in several Official Handbook entries.
    • The note has been removed in the digital releases of the issue, so it existence remains on the paper comic issue.

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