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Quote1 Or you can help me, Agent Sante... You can stand tall beside me and help me make this world a better place. Help me, Agent Sante. Help me make this happen. Quote2
Captain Marvel

Appearing in "Part 5: Orthodox"

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Synopsis for "Part 5: Orthodox"

After Ms. Marvel landed on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Iron Man had two agents hook her up to a machine that would swap her place with Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone. However, when the machine was activated, she was still there and suggested that Captain Marvel was not in the Negative Zone anymore.

Captain Marvel came from the Negative Zone through a portal. Several weeks earlier, Khn'nr woke up before two Skrulls gave him the memories of Mar-Vell. In the present, Captain Marvel attacked his fellow Skrulls before Agent Sante pointed a gun at him and declared that he was a Skrull impostor and not the real Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel offered to let Agent Sante kill him, but also claimed that they could make the world a better place together. In New York City, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel contemplated what they did to Captain Marvel.

Two months later, after Mar-Vell's declaration to end all wars, there was peace in Iraq, Darfur, and Somalia and at the church, Nathan Jefferson told how he saved his life and brought up Tony Stark's claim that Captain Marvel was a time traveler from the past before a Skrull church member's eyes started glowing. Captain Marvel grabbed the member and two other men and took them to Earth's orbit, in space, before throwing all three of them back towards the planet and declaring himself Mar-Vell of the Kree.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The end is here. The truth of Mar-Vell's trip to the future is revealed once and for all.
  • Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL) and Lee Weeks (INCREDIBLE HULK) bring the last chapter of Captain Marvel's saga to light as the Secret Invasion begins.

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