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Quote1.png When you're a soldier, when you go to war, you see people die. Your friends. People you're closer to in some ways than your own family. In training. In battle. Even suicide. And it's easy... it's easy to ask what it was for. If any good came of it. This is Eliot Burke. Army veteran and security guard at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. His wife, Vivian, works there too. They met on the job. She's a geneticist working on a promising treatment for leukemia in the P.E.G.A.S.U.S. labs. They're alive today -- along with hundreds of others -- because of Rhodey. And because of you. What's keeping me from falling apart... is that I know Rhodey died doing something good. Something he'd consider worth dying for. I know what Tony said to you. And I am not for once second discounting his grief. But I want to give you another perspective. You can help us stop criminals and madmen before they hurt anyone. You can tell us when natural disasters are about to happen. We're going to go out there and put our lives in the line anyway. You can give us the gift of knowing it's for a reason. The best and bravest people I know are prepared to take that risk. Not just prepared - -we want to. But to do it right -- to do it the best way we possibly can -- we need you. Quote2.png
Cmdr. Carol Danvers

Appearing in "Lonely at the Top: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Lonely at the Top: Part 2"

Standing trial for withholding information from the Board of Governors, Captain Marvel explains her recent actions.

She had visited Ulysses Cain to convince him that his visions save lives. While there, Ulysses told her of a new vision. He described seeing people in a major city mutating into monsters, with many of them dying and others going mad with the pain and killing everything around them.

Captain Marvel realized he was describing Dr. Minerva's next attack with her biological weapon. Using Ulysses' description, Captain Marvel identified the area as South Boston, located Minerva's new lab, Owl Robotics, and gathered the Ultimates and Alpha Flight.

They evacuated civilians from the area, and attacked, catching Minerva completely off guard. With their combined might they incapacitated her with zero casualties. Her weapons and research were confiscated, and she was extradited to an allied faction of the Kree Empire to be tried for her crimes.

After deliberation, the Board finds Captain Marvel fit to continue serving as the Commander of Alpha Flight.

Solicit Synopsis


• Captain Marvel’s determination reaches new heights as her rift with Iron Man gets deeper.

• It’s a fight for the future as Carol and the Alpha Flight recruit more to their cause.

• But will forces outside of Captain Marvel destroy everything she’s trying to protect?

• Ruth and Chris Gage, the talented writing duo from Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, bring you a Captain Marvel Civil War story you will never forget!

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