Quote1.png What makes a Banshee? Is it drive? Power? Grit? Curiosity? Its all those things. A Banshee is born like a bullet from a gun, and she shoots through the world with a fiery momentum. She lives life on her own terms, by her own code, but with the knowledge that's she a part of something bigger than herself. She knows, deep in her heart, she knows... if death waits on the other side of this adventure, she'll die as she lived... a Banshee. And hell yes, it was worth it, every breath was worth it. Quote2.png
-- Captain Marvel (Col. Carol Danvers)

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  • Banshee Squadron fighters

Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis


• Captain Marvel and her team are pinned down by the Thor Corps and the squad is in no shape for a firefight.

• If they can win the battle, the Carol Corps have one way out of this mess…UP!

• They’ll shoot for the stars, but what they’ll find will shake their world!

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