Captain Nitsu was a captain in the Imperial Japanese navy during World War II. By summer of 1942, Nitsu earned the praise of Admiral Nippo, his superior officer, when he invented a decoy submarine periscope for the purposes of tricking American ships into wasting ammunition on a false target. This plot earned the ire of the Sub-Mariner who tracked down Nippo and Nitsu when he discovered a means to tell the fake periscopes apart from real ones: The lack of an oil trail in the water that came with all sea fairing vessels. Posing as a Japanese sailor, the Sub-Mariner beat Nippo and Nitsu into submission and brought them to an American destroyer. They were then forced to witness as the Sub-Mariner tricked their fleet into sinking itself using a model of an American ship.[1]

Nitsu's fate after the war is unknown.


Captain Nitsu invented a false periscope: A free floating device that resembled the periscope of a Japanese sub.


Captain Nitsu commanded his own Japanese battleship.

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