Quote1 One never realizes ze true horror of war... until it strikes so close to him! Quote2
-- Jacques Larocque

Appearing in "Pray For Simon Savage"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Capt. Griggs
  • Father Thompson


  • Major Nagasha

Other Characters:


  • Japanese Prison Camp



Synopsis for "Pray For Simon Savage"

After sending Lee Baker's corpse to the US, The Raiders are sent on a mission which is meant to allow them time to be alone and grieve. The mission turns sour when Japanese destroyers spot The Sea Wolf and attack. Savage is knocked unconcious and Capt. Griggs assumes command, as he normally does when Savage is away. After the Japanese secure mines to the hull, Capt. Griggs decides to surrender the Sea Wolf. When Savage awakens he finds himself and the Raiders are POWs on a small Japanese-controlled island. The Japanese commander has an American missionary at his side as an interpreter. Once they are alone with the missionary, Father Thompson, he explains that he is a prisoner as well and that he has a plan to escape and that the time is now perfect to execute it with the help of the Raiders. They blast their way out of the prison compound as most of the soldiers are away on maneuvers for the afternoon. They make their way to the beach where they are met with machine gun nests between them and a getaway boat. The father assists on a bit of trickery which allows them to capture the Japanese commander, who then, fearing for his own life, commands the Japanese soldiers to surrender. The Raiders and Father Thompson then get away on the boat waiting at the dock.

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