Quote1 Strangely enough, Sergeant, I don't see a major difference between being shot on or out of uniform. They tell me a .45 slug cuts as good through G.I. fatigues as it does through a pin-stripe suit. Quote2
-- Captain Simon Savage

Appearing in "The Junk-Heap Juggernauts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • General Theresa


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Junk-Heap Juggernauts"

Sent to Italy to rendezvous with an agent who will tell them their mission, The Raiders make their way to a small farmhouse where Jay Little Bear scouts ahead and knocks out a suspicious shadowy character. It turns out to be a woman, who he suspects is a Nazi counter-agent. Jay continues on and meets up with a bearded man inside the farmhouse, Antonio, who informs him and the now gathered Raiders, that they are to make their way to Castle Rizzi. Antonio eventually tells Savage and his men that they should hold their position while he checks for Nazi patrols ahead. When he gets out of sight, a loud yell is heard and the Raiders hurry to find the woman, Theresa, that Jay had knocked out has stabbed Antonio to death. She informs them that she is their real contact and that Antonio was leading them into a Nazi trap. They follow her to Castle Rizzi where they find Italian historic treasures of inventions and weapons. The Raiders are appalled that they are called upon to risk their lives for what they consider junk, but they set up defenses and defend it against advancing Nazi troops. The Raiders run out of ammo and decide to use the ancient weapons and vehicles in their defense. They are able to hold off the Nazis until reinforcements arrive, saving them in the nick of time.

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