Quote1 Blasted Navy man! Always palmin' the rough jobs on me! But if it keeps much longer, old Yaketty Yates is gonna have some words with Savage about it! Quote2
-- Sgt. Yakkety Yates

Appearing in "The Return of Baron Strucker"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Scuba gear


  • US Naval Submarine
  • HYDRA Submarine

Synopsis for "The Return of Baron Strucker"

The Raiders are informed of a new mission by Capt.Savage. It appears that a mysterious submarine has been sinking both American and Japanese ships in the Pacific. They are to find this sub and destroy it. They have a location to begin with; a small island 500 miles north of Darwin. At the same time an elite force of Japanese marines, known as the Samurai Squad, headed by Sgt. "Joe" Morita, are being given the same mission. Both groups arrive at the island at about the same time, though on opposite sides of the island, and begin to make their way inland but both forces encounter several booby traps. Likewise, both groups are being monitored from a submarine by none other than Baron von Strucker, who it is revealed has created a small group of his own known as HYDRA and that he is known amongst them as the Supreme Hydra. As Baron Strucker has plans for both groups, he realizes he cannot allow them to encounter and slaughter one another, so he springs a trap that captures both groups, except for Capt. Savage and Sgt. Morita. The two squad leaders eventually meet and, after a fist fight that ends as Savage the victor, the two realize that neither of their militaries are responsible for the mysterious naval attacks and that they are more likely to achieve their mutual goal working together. After taking both of the squads that were captured into custody, Baron Strucker discovers that the two lone members of the groups are now going to work together and that he will have to make sure they die together as well.

To be continued next issue...


This is the first chronological appearance and origin of the criminal organization known as HYDRA.

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