Captain Sturm was a member of the Nazis and was a part of their navy during World War II. By the spring of 1943, he was stationed in a secret underwater base below the Atlantic Ocean. He and his minions planted large heating coils in the ocean to super-heat the waters, sending them to a boil, in order to sink Allied ships and kill their crews.

This plot was discovered by the Sub-Mariner who located Captain Sturm's secret base and infiltrated the facility. Sturm and his men soon discovered the Sub-Mariner after he had sunk their U-Boat and secretly planted the heating coils inside their base. Namor fought of Sturm and his crew and escaped.

Thinking he could destroy the Sub-Mariner by turning on the coils, he inadvertently began super-heating his own base. This caused the base to explode before Sturm could shut off the coils, and he was killed in the resulting explosion.[1]


Sturm had massive heating coils, which he used to super-heat parts of the Atlantic Ocean to a boil.


Sturm commanded a Nazi U-Boat.

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