Captain Suicide was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. By 1945, he had charged Japanese scientist Professor Haruda to invent "invisible robot bombs" to use against Allied Forces. In anticipation of this attack, Suicide sent out a radio broadcast from Tokyo threatening Allied Forces of his impending attack. This drew the attention of the Destroyer who sent a note to Captain Suicide warning him that the hero would stop him. Suicide ordered his men to find and kill the Destroyer while he went to check on Haruda's progress.

When Hardua informed Captain Suicide that he had failed to create invisible robot bombs, Suicide shot him to death. Just then the Destroyer burst in attacking, however Suicide managed to fight the hero off and flee to a nearby airfield. Planning this all along, the Destroyer followed after him.

With his original plan foiled, Captain Suicide and his men loaded up in a zeppelin and prepared for their contingency plan: giving the illusion that their invisible robot bombs exist by flying over the United States and setting off bombs previously planted by Japanese spies. When the Destroyer attempted to board the zeppelin, he was knocked out and taken prisoner. Aboard the ship, Captain Suicide explained his plans to the captured hero. The Destroyer then broke free and made his way to where the gas tanks that filled the zeppelin's balloon were kept. Setting the gasses ablaze, the Destroyer abandoned ship, leaving Captain Suicide and his crew to be killed in the explosion.[1]


Captain Suicide commanded a zeppelin.


Captain Suicide carried a pistol and a cutlass.

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