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Captain Von Sar was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. By the spring of 1943, he commanded a group of Fifth Columnists in the United States and used personal airplanes to bomb American towns that were key to the building of defense weapons during the war. In order to pull off his raids undetected, he had his men break into plane watching stations and murder the staff on site so that no advanced warning could be given.

His initial attack of a small town and railyard attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro who offered their assistance to the FBI. They caught some of Von Sar's men at the nearby plane lookout, but those who did not manage to escape committed suicide to keep their leader's secret.

Next, Von Sar and his men attacked the town of Pittstown but were spotted by the police who called in the military. The Human Torch and Toro also gave a hand in taking the Nazi planes out of the sky. With their numbers dwindling, Von Sar ordered his pilot to land their plane at a nearby baseball diamond. As they attempted to flee, Von Sar and his men were easily captured by the two heroes and turned over to the FBI.[1]

Von Sar's subsequent fate is unknown.



Von Sar commanded a fleet of private airplanes armed with bombs.

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