Captain von Spitz was a Nazi naval captain active during World War II. By the summer of 1942, he and a group of spies were operating out of a steamship located near Coney Island. They were assigned with sabotaging New York City's subways and hospitals using bombs. However, a German-American citizen learned the truth and fled to warn the authorities even at the risk of to his wife and child. Chased by the spies, he attempted to commit suicide but was fatally shot in the back. His murder was witnessed by the Human Torch and Toro who gave the shooter chase but lost him. From the dying man, they learned that the Nazis were hidden somewhere near Coney Island.

When von Spitz learned that the Torch and Toro were wise to them and searching Coney Island, he attempted to kill his shooter for allowing the two heroes to track them down. When the Torch and Toro arrived on the scene, von Spitz turned on a canister of oxygen hoping to make their flames burn out of control and set off the explosives aboard the ship while he and the rest of his spies fled. While the ship was destroyed, the two flaming heroes survived and captured von Spitz as he attempted to flee across the Coney Island midway. His attempt at killing his shooter had failed, and the shooter confessed to the entire operation when the Torch delivered them to the authorities.[1]

The fate of Captain von Spitz following the war is unknown.


von Spitz weapon of choice was throwing knives.

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