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Quote1 Hey, y'all. The Captains Network here. Seems like we got off on the wrong foot, and that some of ya might not dig us. Or are even a little steamed at our hijinks. Well...America's weird that way, isn't it? Fifty states, millions of people, and all you gotta do is go fifty feet or fifty miles and suddenly, no one looks like you and it feels like a completely different country. Or planet. Look. We get it. But...Isn't that also kind of amazing? Because, hey, the truth is...We've got your back. All of us. Quote2
Aaron Fischer[src]

A collection of Captain Americas from across the United States of America.[1]


Started as a loose associations of individuals from across the United States of America that took on the mantle of Captain America to protect their communities when others couldn't or wouldn't.[2]

To help Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson defeat Hate-Monger, Aaron Fischer helped to mobilize the Captains Network along with Arielle Agbayani, Jeremy Merrick, Joe Gomez, Nichelle Wright, and many, many others.[1]




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