The Carbonadium Synthesizer is a device that can liquefy Carbonadium so that it can be molded into new forms. Omega Red has carbonadium coils through which he can transmit his ability to drain life energies.

Team X

In order to stabilize his condition, Omega Red required the "Carbonadium Synthesizer," a device that was stolen by Wolverine, Maverick, and Sabretooth during their final mission together as "Team X" sometime during the 1960s when this trio tried to rescue double agent named Janice Hollenbeck and the carbonadium synthesizer. It was because of his need for the carbonadium synthesizer that Omega Red continuously sought out these three individuals over the years, believing they may know of its whereabouts.[1][2] In Berlin, and Wraith went back to try out a new weapon on Omega Red. When Omega Red survived a direct hit from the weapon, he wrapped Wraith up in his coils however Wraith managed to teleport away to safety.[3]

The synthesizer was initially believed thrown into a river in Brussels by Wolverine, it has since been revealed that the Carbonadium Synthesizer had been hidden on the deceased body of a double-agent who died escaping Omega Red along with Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Maverick.


Wolverine possessed a carbonadium synthesizer which he used to bargain with the Tinkerer so that Cyber could be kept alive for enough time to give Wolverine needed information. But it was lost in the waters below a bridge when Wolverine threw it away after The Tinkerer had already done his work on Cyber and Wolverine had disappeared.

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