Appearing in "Blue Who?"

Featured Characters:

  • The Care Bears
    • Tenderheart Bear
    • Cheer Bear
    • Bedtime Bear
    • Good Luck Bear
    • Grumpy Bear
    • Funshine Bear
    • Wish Bear
    • Grams Bear
    • Baby Hugs Bear
    • Baby Tugs Bear
  • Care Bear Cousins
    • Swift Heart Rabbit
    • Brave Heart Lion
    • Lotsa Heart Elephant
    • Playful Heart Monkey
    • Bright Heart Raccoon
    • Loyal Heart Dog
    • Proud Heart Cat
    • Cozy Heart Penguin
    • Gentle Heart Lamb


  • The Gloomies


  • The Kingdom of Caring
    • Care-a-lot
    • The Forest of Feelings


  • Cloudmobile
  • Gloomies' Spaceship

Synopsis for "Blue Who?"

When everything in the Forest of Feelings turns blue, the Care Bears and Cousins investigate, and discover some out-of-this-world troublemakers.


  • Swift Heart Rabbit's gender is inconsistently portrayed throughout the issue, being called "she" on page 3, and "him" on page 11.
  • This issue was re-printed in Star Comics Magazine #7.

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