Appearing in "The Very First Care Bear"

Featured Characters:

  • The Care Bears
    • True Heart Bear
    • Tenderheart Bear
    • Cheer Bear
    • Grumpy Bear
    • Love-a-lot Bear
    • Wish Bear
    • Funshine Bear
    • Good Luck Bear
    • Grams Bear
    • Baby Hugs Bear
    • Baby Tugs Bear
  • Care Bear Cousins
    • Noble Heart Horse
    • Brave Heart Lion
    • Lotsa Heart Elephant
    • Swift Heart Rabbit
    • Playful Heart Monkey
    • Bright Heart Raccoon

Supporting Characters:

  • The Great Wishing Star
  • Alex
  • Lori


  • Dark Heart


  • The Kingdom of Caring
    • Care-a-lot
  • The Peaceful Valley
  • Earth

Synopsis for "The Very First Care Bear"

Hugs and Tugs are given a special story star that tells them and two children the story of the very first members of the Care Bear Family: True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse, and their encounter with the villainous Dark Heart.


  • The comic acts as a prequel to Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, released four months earlier, and tells the story of how True Heart and Noble Heart first found the Care Bears. However, some inconsistencies do exist with the movie version.
  • This issue was re-printed in Star Comics Magazine #10.

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