Appearing in "The Great TV Adventure"

Featured Characters:

  • The Care Bears
    • Tenderheart Bear
    • Cheer Bear
    • Wish Bear
    • Birthday Bear
    • Bedtime Bear
    • Good Luck Bear
    • Love-a-lot Bear

Supporting Characters:

  • Jacky

Other Characters:

  • Billy Bangtail
  • 'Ol Paint the Horse


  • The Kingdom of Caring
    • Care-a-lot
  • Earth


  • Cloudmobile

Synopsis for "The Great TV Adventure"

Cheer Bear and Tenderheart Bear try and help a young boy named Jacky meet his idol, TV cowboy star Billy Bangtail, who turns out to be far more snooty in person.


  • This is the first issue to include the "Bear Facts" section, which would later print fan letters starting with the next issue.

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