Clumsy but cute Caren Beige was a romantic interest of Mutt Murdoctor, the lawyer secretly known as the superhero Scaredevil. They became lovers and Murdoctor revealed to Beige his secret identity, specifying that she was to not tell anyone about that. However, Beige eventually revealed the information. The sensitive secret reached the ears of Scaredevil's worst enemy Kingking of Crime and, when Kingking made use of the data, Scaredevil's life became a hell - and it was Beige's fault.[2]

Eventually, Scaredevil recovered emotionally and tried to re-build his life, along with his romance with Beige. As Murdoctor had been disbarred as a lawyer, he and Beige created a legal advice and drug clinic, which they started running together.[2]

Scaredevil decided to celebrate his recovery by giving a dinner for his closest friends and associates, obviously including Beige, and obviously not including Kingking. Some of Scaredevil's chums, unaware of his secret identity, believed that Murdoctor was a friend of Scaredevil, thus Scaredevil included a dummy "Mutt Murdoctor" in the party. Beige sat next to one of these people, Melvin Scmotter, and she helped Scmotter not to notice that Murdoctor was just a fake.[2]

The party was interrupted by the Kingking, who tried to humiliate Scaredevil by eating all the food gruesomely. However, as the food had been accidentally poisoned by the cooking team, Kingking fell ill.[2]


She is so very cute that Scaredevil cannot feel bitter toward her.[2]


She is very clumsy, both emotionally (revealing Scaredevil's identity) and physically (accidentally breaking antiques).[2]

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