The Caretaker once ruled over the planet Terminal until the Administrator cut off his head. The Administrator hoped that the head would forget its old body, so that he could become the next Caretaker. The head eventually ended up on a robot body, which had six wheels, a dog tag which read 'Buddy' and a gas cylinder which acted as an engine. Buddy then started living in a village with Dhamsus and his children.[1]

Buddy meets Groot.

One day, Buddy stumbled upon a flora colossus named Groot, who was being tricked by the Auto-Concierge impersonating the Guardians of the Galaxy. Buddy saved Groot (and soon realised that his only words were "I am Groot"), bringing him to his home village.[2]

During a storm, Groot ran off into the temple, where he found a secret train station. Buddy joined Groot, Dhamsus, and Diplatessa on their train ride to the City of Blink.[3]

During the ride, however, the Administrator summoned a giant robot amalgamation to stop Groot and the others. Groot detached a car from the train to make the robot go away. Buddy then turned on Groot and pushed him into the storm.[4]

Buddy pushes Groot off the train

Later, under the desert of the Terminal Eye, Buddy, Dhamsus, and Diplatessa were captured by the Auto-Concierge and trapped in the Caretaker's Palace of Doors. Soon, Groot found them and unlocked their room, leading Buddy to chase after Groot. Buddy then found the Caretaker's body and realized that he was the Caretaker. Buddy used his old body to prevent the Administrator from stopping Groot, allowing Groot to escape Terminal and enter his own universe.[5]

Buddy is a very curious dog, often keen on protecting Groot.


Buddy is able to project himself as the Caretaker and ward off visitors who enter Terminal via storm.


Buddy shows a liking for bones, which can distract him from safety. For example, he had to be saved by Groot while he was admiring a rain of bones.


  • Wheels - Buddy has six wheels to move around more easily.
  • Gas Cylinder - Buddy has this on his back to give him more momentum.


  • Giant Sword - Buddy uses this with his Caretaker body to ward off unwanted visitors and protect Terminal.

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