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Caretakers of Arcturus
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Kammar; Ular; Zolthar
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Information-silk Enemies
Morbius, Lord I of Arcturus IV
Information-silk Origin
Genetic specialists for the Fortisquians, who were created by the Beyonders for the purpose of colonizing the universe.
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The Caretakers of Arcturus were genetic specialists from the Fortisquians race that were sent to Earth by the Beyonders to save the Savage Land.[1] They were originally tasked with colonizing Arcturus IV. The Savage land was imperiled by a conflict between the Deviants, Atlantis, and Celestials, which caused a nuclear explosion that sank Lemuria and created flooding that covered the entire world.[2] The Caretakers' ship crashed in the Savage Land and there were only four survivors. The Caretakers then discovered warps between Arcturus IV and Earth, so that they were able to travel back; however, when they returned, Arcturus was ruined. They also created androids they called Children of the Comet. Eventually, the Caretakers were killed in a conflict with Morbius when Tara's death-throes destroyed their base.[3]

The Caretakers were also allegedly responsible for the creations of Werewolves, the cat people and the mutations of ancient villains like Maha Yogi and the original Sphinx.[4]


Transportation: * Ships disguised as comets.

  • They are also aware of several warps that transport them from Arcturus IV to the Savage Land on Earth.

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