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In the depth of the Caribbean Sea, Namor the Sub-Mariner found the Cosmic Cube and used it to create the Amalga-Beast, in order to send it against the Avengers.[2]

Psycho Man built here an hidden base, where he was defeated by the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans and Black Panther.[3]

Tony Stark came to a small Caribbean island to investigate a mysterious explosion at his local plant. With the help of police representative Inspector Christophe, he eventually identified the Night Phantom as the attacker. Iron Man then defeated him and rescued the abducted Christophe and Janice Cord.[4]

Some time after, somewhere in the Caribbean, the Sub-Mariner monitored the construction of an experimental mammoth apparatus, which could break havoc with the very weather itself, so decided to enlist the Hulk and the Silver Surfer to aid him in destroying it.[5]

The Titan Three then confronted Colonel Willis, who was guarding the installation on behalf of the United Nations. However, when he refused to allow Namor's scientists to check out the device to insure it doesn't pose any threat, Namor decided to secure the land by force. The army then called the Avengers for aid, who sent Thor, Iron Man and Goliath to stop the Titans Three. During the battle Ikthon and Dorma managed to convince the army to allow them to examine the device. When Ikthon managed to repair a flaw in the device that could threaten them all, the Avengers stopped fighting the Titans Three, realizing their mistake. Fed up with how things went the Hulk then bounded away, and the Surfer and the Avengers also paid their leave to the monarch of the sea.[6]

Many years later, when Glory Grant was spending a vacation in the Caribbean, about a boat full of Haitian refugees attempted to board the cruise ship on their return trip to the states.[7]

A while later, Crown journeyed to Andrea Janson's Caribbean private island, where he embraced her and inspected her new experimental subject, Morbius.[8]

The Avengers infiltrated Magnum's floating resort, the Evangeline, on the Caribbean Sea, four miles north and east of the island of Martinique.[9]

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