Rain Boy’s past before he came to the Xavier Institute is unknown, but when he arrived at the school, he was placed on Gambit’s student squad Chevaliers. Seemingly the youngest member of the team, he seemed to fall into that place, notably a bit shyer and naïve than the others. However, he also showed a good knowledge of the workings of the X-Men, and fierce loyalty towards his teammates when he stood with Onyxx and Flubber in a possible coup against Gambit when they believed him to be taking advantage of newcomer Foxx. However, they were easily set straight, although later Foxx turned out to be one of Mystique's disguises. Rain Boy helped to try and calm Onyxx when the latter freaked out upon learning of this information.[2]

Rain Boy was presumed to have been de-powered on M-Day when the majority of mutants lost their powers. Many de-powered students were murdered by William Stryker, but Rain Boy's fate was not explicitly shown.

Nonetheless, Rain Boy re-emerged with his powers intact on Krakoa, where he was seen at a party to welcome back the newly resurrected Wind Dancer alongside other students from their generation.[3]

Rain Boy also took part in mutant skirmishes as a resident of the Akademos Habitat in an effort to learn more about synergizing his abilities with other mutants.[4]

Under the guidance of Amahl Farouk, Rain boy and his friends began experimenting with the corpses in the Boneyard but were interrupted by Scout who was concerned about what they were doing.[5]

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Rain Boy

Living water held in a containment suit, able to expel his liquid mass as pressurized streams from his hands.

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