Carl Burgess (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 2 001

Carl Burgess

The costumed hero known as the Falcon who was active during the 1940's was really assistant district attorney Carl Burgess. Not much is known of his past, or his rationale for becoming a costumed vigilante. In his first recorded appearance he was part of the prosecution that was attempting to prove Big Jim Peterson, a crooked politician, was guilty of grafting. Pearson's men would kidnap Paul Bankhead in the hopes of ransoming him off to get enough money to spring their employer. However, Burgess, as the Falcon would foil this plot and free Bankhead. Back in his civilian guise, Burgess would win his case, and Peterson would be found guilty of his crimes[1].

When a series of murders connected to the "curses" of Dr. Ashok Sunga, the Falcon would learn that Sunga was really killing them through packages carrying his "Wands of Death". When the packages would be opened a deadly static electric charge would kill the person opening it. Confronting Sunga with one of his deadly packages, the Falcon would toss it at the crook, who would die at the hands of his own creation[2]. Later, when a bunch of crooks connected to a mobster named Bo Shustack have been arrested. Carlk Burgess is suspicious to learn that they are all insistant that they speak to criminal lawyer James Butterworth. As the Falcon he would learn that Butterworth is being paid by Shustack, and learning Shustack's location, prevents them from digging their way into a bank valt, turning them over to the authorities[3].

Carl Burgess (Earth-616) from Daring Mystery Comics Vol 1 5 001

The Falcon in action

Later, during World War II, the Falcon was reported to have teamed up with the Black Widow, the Challenger and the Angel in fighting organized crime[4]. Later, he would be among a group of heroes from the 1940's and the modern era to storm Berlin to stop the Cosmic Cube wielding Red Skull. During the course of the battle, the Falcon would be slain[5]. However, when the heroes finally stopped the Red Skull, they would use the Cosmic Cube to reverse all the damage done by the Skull, restoring the Falcon and other casualties to life[6]. This also created a divergent reality of Earth-93198 in which the Falcon is still deceased[4].




The Falcon is a very good hand-to-hand combatant


While the Falcon's costume does not enable him to fly, it does enable him to glide through the air with ease.

Carl Burgess should not be confused with Sam Wilson, the modern age hero that presently operates under the name Falcon.

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