Quote1 Hey -- That ain't fair! Look at what ya did ta my kisser! Quote2
-- Absorbing Man

Creel sided with Apocalypse and relocated to Mexico where a number of the ancient Aztec temples there were converted into prisons where humans were held for. He worked beside Diablo in defending these prisons. When the X-Men traveled there to save Robert Kelly from incarceration, they clashed with the Absorbing Man and Diablo. Magneto fought with Absorbing Man alone and found himself overpowered until his wife Rogue absorbed Creel's powers and easily defeated him. Rogue knocked the now powerless Creel off the edge of a temple.[1].


Seemingly those of Carl Creel of Earth-616.

The Absorbing Man can alter the molecular structure of his body, his clothes, and his wrecking ball to mimic the properties of any material he touches. This process also gives him enhanced strength, endurance, and in most cases, resistance to injury. If the object touched holds some form of energy, such as a battery or a blast furnace, Creel absorbs these properties as well. He also has limited shape-changing abilities when absorbing certain objects, such as forming hammer-like fists when touching a hammer or growing to enormous size when copying items of massive power or strength. If his body is broken into pieces while in a non-human state he can mentally reassemble himself.


The Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain, which he was wearing at the time of his original transformation, magically also possesses the same properties of transformation as his body, providing he is in contact with it.

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