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Much of Carl's early life is unknown though, presumably, it's not much different from his Earth-616 counterpart's. He eventually joined the Hood's gang of super powered criminals. He was in a relationship with Titania.[1]

When Santo Rico was threatened by Magnus' rule, he stood there with Titania, and battled the Sentinels and Micromax, possibly killing him, before being "lobotomized" by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s telepaths led by Madame Web. Before his death, he made escape Titania, throwing her right to Mexico, on Hood's order, so that she could spread their actions and words to the sapiens. He fell, crushing the bodies of his partners and also part of Magnus' troops, and his giant stone body became a memorial for the sapiens across the world.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Carl Creel (Earth-616)#Powers.



Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain


  • Since Thor made no appearance in the House of M, it is unknown if Carl has a new origin.

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