Carl Creel & Ultron (Earth-9997)

Absorbing Ultron's intellect

Carl Creel of Earth-9997 shares the same origins of his Earth-616 counterpart, and much of their history is the same.[citation needed]

After the entire human race was mutated by the Terrigen Mist, the Absorbing Man got into a battle with the super computer Ultron. During the fight, Creel absorbed Ultron's intelligence, and realized the full potential of his ability. Gaining control that he never knew he had and the ability to "store" types of forms in his memory for later use.[citation needed]

Rampaging through Washington, D.C. he was countered by the Avengers who attempted to stop him. During the battle, Absorbing Man killed all the members except for the Vision. Enraged, Vision infected Creel with a computer virus, and in order to expel it from his body, Creel attempted to shrink his size and turn into stone. Once he had done so, the Vision smashed Creel into bits and distributed the pieces among various heroes who were loners.[citation needed]
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Ultimate Power

Some years later, a group called the Tong of Creel was formed by the Red Ronin (secretly Dr. Strange's assistant Wong, who was manipulated by Mephisto) were gathered together to retake the parts of Creel and reassemble the parts so that Creel could live again.[citation needed]

Eventually they had succeeded, and all the parts were reassembled in New York City. Enraged over his treatment over the years, Creel then literally absorbed all of Manhattan. When the local heroes tried to stop him, nothing would work, however the Vision tried to stop him by making him intangible. With Creel intangible, he was also incapable of being useful to save the world from destruction from its re-polarization after the Celestial Embryo in the planets core was destroyed by Galactus three years prior.[citation needed]

After the Vision was convinced to let Creel become tangible again, Loki convinced Creel to be a hero and turn into Vibranium and save the Earth. When Creel did so, Iron Maiden used her powers to distribute the Vibranium evenly and save the planet.[citation needed]

While Creel sacrificed his life to save the Earth, Manhattan maintained the general shape of Creel's body, standing ever on as a monument to Creel's moment of heroics that day.[citation needed]


Carl Creel & Vision (Earth-9997)

Smashed by the Vision

Seemingly those of Carl Creel of Earth-616, however when he absorbed the intelligence of the robot Ultron, his understanding of his abilities grew exponentially. As such, he was able to store different physical states in memory and recall them for later use. He also could generate a counter response to any attack that was directed at him in a split second.

Before his death, Creel willed himself to become pure Vibranium, suggesting that he had possibly entered the third tier of mutation in which ones form is defined by those around them.


Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain

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