Carl Hoffman was a detective for the NYPD alongside his partner and childhood friend Detective Blake. He was corrupt, and worked for Wilson Fisk.[1] When Karen Page was arrested for a crime Fisk's men framed her, Hoffman and Blake were put in charge of the case.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, Page's lawyers, talked with him and Detective Blake in order to release their client.[2] Murdock realizes that Hoffman and Blake are corrupt when he overhears them eliminating a Russian mobster who gave away Fisk's name; the two stage the scene as if they shot him in self-defense.[1]

When Murdock, in his vigilante outfit, and Vladimir Ranskahov are cornered in a warehouse by police and media, Hoffman and Blake arrive at the scene, where they tell Ben Urich to back off the scene. One of Fisk's paid snipers deliberately shot down Blake, who fell into a coma afterwards.[3] When he woke up, Fisk feared him of speaking against him; with Blake's room heavily guarded, Fisk approached and bribed Hoffman - his only option - to kill his partner and longtime friend. Blake reluctantly went though with the plan and injected poison in his partner's catheter to finish him off. However, Hoffman was incapacitated by Murdock, who attempted to retrieve information from Blake before he died.[4]

After Blake's death, Hoffman went under the radar.[5] He had been kept hidden by Leland Owlsley, one of Fisk's allies, as a leverage to prevent Fisk from killing him once he discovered Owsley was betraying him. When Owlsley tried to bid farewell to Fisk, he revealed his plan in vain, as Fisk still killed him out of rage. Because Hoffman had been ordered to turn himself in to the FBI if he didn't receive a call from Owlsley regularly, Fisk sent the officers in his payroll to find him.

Murdock saved him from a group of dirty cops, and ensured Hoffman turned himself in to the police safely. Hoffman's statement was later used by the FBI to arrest every person involved with Fisk, and Fisk himself.[6]

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