Carl Kaxton was a scientist and inventor, skills he used as the CEO (and virtually the entire staff) of Kaxton Laboratories. He was accused by his former assistant Wilbur Day of having stolen the patent for a new type of hydraulic lift Day had invented at home. Contacted by Mr. Day's lawyer Matthew Murdock, he didn't want to settle the dispute out of court, claiming he invented those hydraulic devices, not Wilbur. When Mr. Murdock and his client entered his home, he tried to protect his property, but was suddenly felled by a karate blow from Mr. Day. Kaxton also invented an experimental molecular condenser, which was also stolen and used by Wilbur Day, having become Stilt-Man. Mr. Kaxton wanted to sue Murdock for trespassing on his property, but, having Wilbur Day withdrew the charges made against him, he was eventually persuaded to forget the whole thing[1].

Kaxton started using the name William Kaxton and got a job as a physicist who worked late nights. He was shocked when his daughter, Barbara, was kidnapped by Stilt-Man and his thug, Endros. They forced Kaxton to travel to San Francisco with them, and Stilt-Man revealed that he wanted the molecular condenser rebuilt so that he could get revenge on Daredevil and to destroy the city. Kaxton kept working, but ran out of parts, so Stilt-Man had to arrange for others to be brought in. Stilt-Man brought back the new parts and forced Kaxton to get back to work. When Kaxton briefly refused, Stilt-Man struck him and reminded him that Barbara could be turned over to Endros. Stilt-Man soon took the finished condenser, with which he planned to shrink the Golden Gate Bridge, taking Barbara with him. Daredevil soon arrived and defeated Endros. The hero had to strike Kaxton to get useful information from him about Barbara, then he rescued her with Black Widow. They picked Kaxton up and took him to breakfast with Barbara after Stilt-Man was defeated. Later, a homeless man, Eddie, found the condenser and planned to sell it to Jonny the Rake, but chose to throw it away instead. [2]

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