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Carl "Carny" Rives is a criminal and sharpshooter with the ability to phase through solid objects. Often employed by traveling carnivals as a midway worker, he at one time developed an "obsessive" romantic interest in the sisters of two unknown US senators, which somehow resulted in the deaths of three high-profile individuals. He was later apprehended by government officials and placed in a secret holding facility several miles underwater.[1]

Because of an unknown property of the structure of the facility, Rives could not phase through its walls and remained prisoner for some time. When Norman Osborn was set to be transferred to the prison from the Raft, Rives was spirited from the building to bring Norah Winters from the newspaper Front Line to cover the event. Rives returned with Norah some time later when Osborn and several other inmates took part in a prison riot, and later joined them in an escape pod to flee the scene.[2] After his escape, he was seen working at another carnival.[3]



  • Intangibility: Rives is described as a "phasable entity" with the ability to move through walls and other solid objects.
  • Invisibility: Rives can render himself invisible.


  • Sharpshooter: Said to have a high degree of accuracy with conventional firearms.

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