Carl Tuesday was a scientist who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He left the United States to study in Europe and discovered a means of resurrecting the dead. This drove Carl mad and he returned to the United States to live in the same town as his brother, Chaney Foster, in Rimrock Valley, California. Here, Carl took on a job working on the ranch owned by Mrs. Stover and her daughter Molly. Tuesday became instantly smitten by Molly, even though she was being courted by local rancher Stan Hammond. At the same time, Tuesday had used his scientific know-how to raise them from the dead and having them construct a massive system of tunnels beneath the town. He then sent his growing minions of zombies to kill those who got into their path in the hopes of driving people out of Rimrock Valley, the first phase of his plan to take over the United States.

As people began leaving Rimrock in droves, Mrs. Stover wrote a letter to western hero Tex Morgan who came to investigate the strange happenings along with his Native American sidekick Lobo. They arrived too late to save Mrs. Stover who was killed by zombies the night she mailed the letter. However with the help of Molly, Stan and Chaney Foster (who was later accidentally shot by Stan and died) learned that Carl was responsible for creating the zombies. Carl managed to take Molly as his prisoner and fled the tunnels leaving Tex, Stan and Lobo to fight the zombies. Up in the Stover ranch, Carl then lit the house on fire, hoping to burn Tex and the others alive. However they managed to escape his zombies and get back to the surface. Tuesday tried to keep them at bay by holding Molly hostage, however Tex's horse Lightning sneaked up behind Tuesday and trampled him to death with his hooves. Tex and the others then fled the ranch as the fire spread to a nearby dynamite shack causing a massive explosion that destroyed the zombies.[1]


Zombies controlled by Carl Tuesday (Earth-616) from Tex Morgan Vol 1 8 0001

Carl Tuesday's Zombies

Carl Tuesday was a brilliant scientist who, through unknown means, was able to resurrect the dead. These zombies were obedient to Tuesday and could carry out simple commands. They were seemingly impervious to all things except for fire.


Carl carried a large knife.

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