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Carl Valentino met Daken in Toronto, Canada in 1967, where the two had a one-night stand. Because of Carl's oneiromancy, Daken dreamed that they had shared an entire life together as romantic partners. This scared Daken off, and their two paths did not cross for the rest of Carl's natural life.[1]

While Daken progressed through the following decades without aging much at all, Carl went on to raise his brother and sister and then eventually die of old age without ever having come out of the closet. Daken, who had long forgotten about him by that point, saw Carl's obituary and was reminded of their brief tryst. After attending Carl's funeral, Daken retrieved the former's body from its casket and brought it back to Krakoa, where he was soon resurrected by the Five as his younger self. With this new lease on life, Carl rechristened himself as Somnus.[1]

When Daken went missing, Aurora realized that the person who would know him best would be the one who had spent an entire lifetime with him. She and Kate Pryde found Carl with Iceman and Christian Frost, he was using his powers to allow them to experience a revenge fantasy against Christian's father. He joined the two of them and with the help of Tempo, Bishop, and Psylocke they found him being tortured by Brimstone Love. After this mission he decided to join Kate Pryde's Marauders.[2]


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Oneiromancy: Carl is a mutant with the ability to produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, and promote mental/emotional healing at will.[1][3][2]

  • Dream World Manipulation: He is also able to bring others into his dreamscape, where he can freely manipulate his environment at will. Within the dream world, he can also manipulate the time inside it, which span from a few seconds in the outside world to months in the dream-world, allowing him to learn skills in a short amount of time or plan detailed tactics during combat situations.[3]
  • Unconscious Inducement: He can use his oneiromancy powers to render his opponents unconscious.[1]
  • Psionic Resistance: Cassandra Nova presumed that if Carl possessed enough control over his powers, He would be able to easily resist her psionic intrusion and instead trap her inside his mind.[3]. This was later proven true as he managed to hide his plan, made by him and Captain Pryde, of leaving Cassandra stranded in the past from Cassandra herself.[4]



Somnus's Costume: Designed by Jumbo Carnation.



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