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Dr. Carl Weathers is a scientist who was rescued from a Janus Research facility in Virginia by a S.H.I.E.L.D. Tactical Team led by Deadpool.

Bob, Agent of Hydra later revealed that Dr. Weathers was working for Hydra and developing a time-travel harness before he decided instead to sell his work to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, Cable witnessed what he thought to be Dr. Weathers' assassination during a precognative vision, and believing that Wade was responsible, he went to warn Deadpool to stay away from Dr. Weathers in Manhattan or risk a cataclysmic event destroying the universe.[4]

Carl Weathers (Earth-616) from Deadpool & Cable Split Second Infinite Comic Vol 1 3 001

Dr. Weathers cradling his son Darius' lifeless body.

Against Nathan's better judgement, the pair surveilled Dr. Weathers at Rockefeller Center and serendipitously intercepted what appeared to be the time-traveling Split Second's assassination attempt; however, Deadpool accidentally shot and killed Dr. Weathers' son, Darius, during the ensuing struggle.[5]

Dr. Weathers then became obsessed with making his Split Second Temporal Dislocation Harness concept a reality, in order to go back and save his son's life. He spent the next twenty-six years working to craft a functioning version of the experimental suit, to the detriment of his health and his remaining family. By the time he finally developed an operative device, he'd grown old, his body weak, and mind ravaged by temporal cancer, unsure of whom he would get to complete his life's work and travel back to save the boy.[6]

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