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Carl Wertz was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. In the summer of 1943, he was captured by American authorities with help from boy detective Terry Vance, his pet ape Dr. Watson, and cub reporter Deadline Dawson.

During his trial, Wertz was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to death. However, his fellow Nazi spies had organized an escape plan. After the verdict was made, Wertz jumped out of the twelve-story window into the back of a truck filled with hay and escaped.

With a list of the jurors who convicted him, Wertz then posed as a medical doctor and paid house calls to them. Convincing the jurors that he had come to inoculate them from a deadly disease, he instead injected a needle full of air into their veins. This caused an air bubble to reach their heart and kill them making the death look like heart failure.

This was deduced by Terry Vance who came to the rescue of the "doctors" next victim and revealed Wertz's plot before turning him over to the authorities.[1] What became of Wertz and if he was executed is unknown.



Carl Wertz carried a pistol.

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