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Carl Wildmer was a professional swimmer who was active during the 1940s. In 1944, he had betrayed his country by providing information to Imperial Japanese agents, hiding in a submarine just outside of a seaside town.

A bully and a braggart, he made the mistake of attempting to pick a fight with the Sub-Mariner after walking into the hero when Namor was reading a marquee advertising a swimming competition that Wildmer was appearing in. When it came for the portion of the show where a $500 challenge is offered to anyone who could beat Wildmer in a swimming competition, Namor accepted the challenge. The Atlantean monarch not only easily defeated Wildmer in the competition but publicly humiliated him.

Later, when Japanese agents began bombing the town, Wildmer dove into the water and swam out to the sub to rejoin his comrades. Namor chased after him and was caught in the blast of a bomb dropped by an American bomber plane trying to blow up the Japanese sub, knocking him out. Carl dragged Namor's unconscious body aboard the Japanese sub. Japanese agents then strapped Namor to a torpedo and fired it at an American ship. The exposure to the water revived Namor who ripped himself free from the torpedo and then redirected it at the Japanese sub, killing all aboard, including Carl Wildmer.[1]

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Carl Wildmer was an expert swimmer.

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