Carl von Brummel's Submarine

Carl von Brummel's Submarine from Captain America Comics Vol 1 39 0001
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Submarine designed to fire rockets
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Carl von Brummel created a special sub that could fire rockets from modified torpedo tubes. Von Brummel and the sub's crew fired rockets at New York City, which got the attention of Captain America and Bucky. They happened to find the sub and were taken prisoners. They managed to escape and lock the torpedo hatches before abandoning the sub. By locking the torpedo hatches, the sub couldn't fire its missiles, causing them to explode and destroying the sub. Von Brummel and the crew were killed in the explosion.[1]


The sub was specially constructed to fire rockets. The sub's torpedo tubes were modified to launch rockets from. In order to fire the rockets, the sub was designed to tilt in an upward angle under water, allowing it to fire rockets into the air that would then strike their long range target.[1]

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