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Quote1 My name is Carlie Cooper and I'm one of New York's finest. Quote2
Carlie Cooper[src]


Early Life[]

Ever since she was a young girl, Carlie Cooper came to respect the profession of a forensic scientist because of her father Ray, a well-respected forensic officer for the NYPD whom Carlie idolized.[6] When Carlie was still young, her mother Ruthie fell ill. Ray became desperate for money since his salary couldn't cover her treatment, and resorted to working with master illusionist Mysterio for the Maggia to fake the death of several of their mobsters over the years. After Ruthie passed away, Ray felt that his family no longer owed the system anything, and faked his death as part of a slow-burning plan with Mysterio.[7]

Meeting Peter Parker[]

Nobody was aware of Ray's true nature, and his reputation as a honorable police officer remained untarnished. Carlie decided to follow his steps, and became a forensic scientist herself when she grew up.[6] Carlie gravitated to Peter Parker's circle of friends when her best friend Lily Hollister began dating Peter's best friend Harry Osborn.[8] Carlie almost became a sacrifice for a Mayan deity and helped Peter find a new apartment in the city with officer Vincent Gonzales.[9] Carlie also helped out Harry Osborn when he sunk back to alcoholism.[citation needed]

When Mysterio set in motion the fruition of his long-term plan with Ray, he resurfaced in New York City and reunited with Carlie.[10] Carlie became disillusioned with his father after he disclosed everything he had done, but played along to investigate him further.[7] When Ray met up with Carlie to flee from the city with his cut from Mysterio's profits, Carlie used a knockout gas to subdue him, and then contacted the authorities to have him arrested.[11]

Carlie and Peter dated for a brief time, with Carlie breaking up with him after finding out he was Spider-Man.[12] In spite of their past relationship, Carlie helped Peter track down the new Vultures and their leader, the original Vulture, Adrian Toomes.[citation needed] Afterwards, Carlie dated Detective Walter Bolt up until his death.[citation needed]

Superior Spider-Man[]

When Doctor Octopus switched minds with Spider-Man, Carlie was the only person to be told by "Doctor Octopus" he was actually Peter Parker, moments before his death.[13] Due to the change of behavior of Spider-Man (actually Octavius), Carlie began to investigate if what she was told was true. With assistance from Yuri Watanabe, she was able to confirm that Otto Octavius was in possession of Peter's body and that Peter had died. She visited his grave, but was then surprised when it caved in, revealing the body had been secretly exhumed. Carlie was then ambushed and taken to the Goblin Underground, where she was interrogated about Spider-Man's true identity.[citation needed]


Carlie Cooper (Earth-616) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 28 003

As Monster

After repeatedly refusing to reveal the truth, the Green Goblin sprayed the Goblin Formula on Carlie, transforming her into one of them, and nicknamed her "Monster." As a result, Carlie's previous personality was buried beneath the transformation. When prompted to reveal Spider-Man's identity by the Goblin King, Carlie questioned who the villain was. She refused to believe his claims that he was Norman Osborn unless he removed his mask. Osborn demanded that Carlie proved herself a member of the Goblin Army before conceding.[2]

Sajani Jaffrey (Earth-616), Carlie Cooper (Earth-616), and Yuriko Watanabe (Earth-616) from Superior Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 2 001

Carlie returns to human form

Carlie was amongst the members of the Goblin Army to assault Octavius' base of operations, Spider-Island Two. She tracked Otto to Parker Industries and subdued Wraith before pursuing him. Otto unwittingly destroyed her earpiece, which prevented the Goblin King from listening to their conversation. Carlie, struggling to be in control of herself, told Otto that she needed his brains to fix the situation, before the Goblin King's plans for Otto and his world could be realized.[14] Carlie was later cured of her transformation with a cure developed by Sajani Jaffrey.[15] Following the defeat of the Goblin King and Peter Parker's return to controlling his own body, Carlie decided to cut any ties with Spider-Man. While still reeling from the effects of the Goblin Serum, Carlie left New York.[16] She moved to New Orleans and did some work for the local police for some time, but decided to move back to New York since she missed the city despite how agitated life could get there.


Carlie's discovery that Peter was Spider-Man months earlier took an emotional toll on her. As a keeper of that secret, she felt she carried a burden that made her feel unsafe and alone. When she returned to New York, she found an anonymous support group called the Lookups which consisted of friends and loved ones of superheroes. Carlie approached Mary Jane Watson when she returned, and offered to join the Lookups since MJ was also Peter's confidante.[17]


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Prior to being cured Carlie has likely obtained similar powers to the Green Goblin due to the Goblin Formula circulating within her system, such as superhuman strength, stamina and speed. At one time, like the rest of the regular people of New York City, gained Spider powers during the Spider-Island event, before they were cured.


  • Investigation: Carlie is a trained detective specializing in forensic sciences including forensic pathology.[18]



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