Quote1.png Tarantula, I have enough forensic evidence to put you away for life. To be honest, I should just do that. But ever since the Green Goblin turned me into that... that... Monster... Well... I haven't been sleeping too well. All I can think about is getting revenge on that goblin. All I need is his location. You have it. Tell me or you'll never see daylight again! Quote2.png
-- Carlie Cooper src


Identity Crisis

Carlie Cooper was the forensic scientist investigating the murder of Joey Z. She was continuously interviewed by the Daily Bugle's editor, J. Jonah Jameson, until Trapster revealed that he was hired to kill Joey by Green Goblin. She collaborated with Jameson to write The Goblin Frame Job.

The Superior Hero

Specialist Cooper became suspicious of the activities of the "Superior" Spider-Man. She partnered with vigilante the Wraith to investigate the web-slinger. They started to unravel their Spider-Man case after finding out that his funding came from the bank account of the late Doctor Octopus.

For reasons unknown, Carlie was kidnapped by Goblin Nation. They sprayed her with Goblin Formula, turning her into the Monster. Their leader, Goblin King, read her diary and learned the truth about the Superior Spider-Man.[1]


Formerly those of the Carlie Cooper of Earth-616.

  • Carlie Cooper was voiced by Tara Platt.
  • This is the first video game adaptation of Carlie Cooper.[1]
  • Carlie is a user of "Spidey Ops."[1]

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