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Dr. Strange was a brilliant scientist mentored by Nathaniel Richards[3] that got a bad reputation in the western world due to his wild theories and lack of respect for ethical values. Still, his potential was undeniable, and the mysterious Lady Lotus reached out to him, hoping he could help her unlock the secrets of the dark lotus flowers.[4]

In Sin-Cong

They worked together in Sin-Cong and made some breakthroughs, but after the end of the Vietnam War, his laboratory was raided and they left it behind.[4] He remained in Sin-Cong until the 21st century, getting the attention of American Intelligence, and eventually confronting them with an army of monsters and loyal soldiers. However, they managed to escape thanks to the smarts of Nathaniel's son, Reed Richards.[3]

Eventually, he had a daughter, Carla Strange, and set a mountain stronghold in the US, but the military launched a massive assault against his lair that ended with him being struck by lightning and captured. At first, he was paralyzed, but after it wore off, he learned that the lightning had increased the electrical energy of his mind, granting him even greater genius.[2]

Six months after the lightning accident, Dr. Strange built an ultra-frequency transmitter from radio and television parts, and used it to take mental control of Iron Man, forcing him to free him from prison. He built a new fortress on a private island off the US coast and brought his daughter Carla and his accomplices there. Feeling guilty for having abandoned his daughter his entire life in favor of his criminal career, he decided to take over the world and give it to her. For this purpose, he launched an S-Bomb into the upper atmosphere as a demonstration of his destructive power, and then threatened to destroy the entire planet unless every nation surrendered to him within 24 hours. Several nations traced his broadcast and launched nuclear bombs at his island, but he was protected by his virtually indestructible force field.[2]

Iron Man, who felt responsible for helping him escape, approached the island by submarine and, figuring the field would not extend underwater, tunneled into Strange's base from underneath. He confronted Strange and managed to thwart his plans thanks to the unexpected assistance of an heartbroken Carla, but Strange fled, escaping the island through unknown means.[2]

More than a decade later, when New York was attacked by monsters, Strange was thought to be behind the attack.[5]


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Scientific Genius: Doctor Strange possesses an advanced intellect, and is capable of designing and constructing a virtually limitless armada of weaponry.[2]



  • Mental Amplifier - Dr. Strange used this device to make others obey his mental commands.[2]
  • Force Field - Dr. Strange created a force field around his entire island that was impervious to nuclear explosions.[2]


  • Laser gun - Dr. Strange used a laser gun.[2]
  • S-Bomb - Dr. Strange designed a 200 megaton bomb and claimed to have enough of them to destroy all life on earth.[2]


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