The life of electronics expert Carlo Zota before he joined the Scientists Guild is unknown. In 1939, Zota, along with fellow Guild members Jerome Hamilton and Maris Morlak, was present for the public debut of Professor Horton's android Human Torch.[2][1]

In 1940, the Guild operated as a team of scientific adventurers called Three X. Each member used an alias, with Zota's being 2X. Zota was known as "a walking encyclopedia" for his vast knowledge.[3] The Three X's visited private investigator Leslie Lenrow (a.k.a. the Ferret) and obtained the Eternity Mask, which they used the following year to empower Jerry Carstairs and turn him into the Thunderer.[1]

Zota and his comrades met geneticist Wladyslav Shinski and the four of them eventually formed the Enclave, a new organization dedicated to the creation of life itself in hopes of creating a better Earth. Through the Enclave, Zota was directly involved in the creation of the artificial super-beings Adam Warlock and Ayesha.[4][5]

Following the demise of Hamilton, Morlak, and Shinski, Zota began work on the Adam-IV project: which consisted in the restoration of the hyper-intelligent cybernetic amalgamation named Korvac.[1] However, as soon as he came online, Korvac renounced the Enclave, dismissing Zota's desire to seek a better Earth to be selfish and arrogant, and opting instead to change the universe itself.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Advanced Longevity: Sometime before 1958, Zota, along with Hamilton and Morlak, was given a longevity treatment by Wladyslav Shinski that kept him youthful for decades.[7]

Physical Strength

Carlo Zota possesses the normal human strength of a youthful man his height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.

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