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Carlos was an human with Inhuman lineage whose son Steven lost the use of his legs during the same event his wife lost her life.

One day while paying chess with Steven at the Washington Square Park, Carlos learned from an friend named Edgard about the bounty put on Daredevil's head. In spite of Daredevil being a hero, Carlos decided to take a shot at him, hoping to use the money to provide his son a better lifestyle and hire a lawyer to make pay the people he blamed for Steven's condition and her mother's death.

Carlos against Daredevil

At night, Carlos approached Daredevil on a rooftop and apologized before attacking him, unaware that Daredevil had put the bounty on himself to root out his nemesis Bullseye. After restraining Daredevil with his powers, Carlos prepared to shoot him, but couldn't bring himself to do it. As he was releasing Daredevil from his grasp, Carlos was shot in the neck and killed from a distance by Bullseye.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Carlos was an human with Inhuman lineage whose powers were activated by the Terrigen Bomb.[1]

  • Energy Tendrils: Carlos possessed the ability to generate glowing blue tendrils from his chest. He could use them to grab objects and people.[1] These did not dissipate once he died.[2]

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